Hey dad! Put down the paper…

This post if for my dad. The only reason I post it here publicly is that maybe some of you are in my little stories and can hopefully smile along.

I’m writing this list that hopefully will jog my dads memories of funny, silly, or just dumb things that might make him smile or laugh. I’m getting the impression that he is getting tired of being sick and could use some good thoughts. Sorry if some of these things don’t make any sense to the general public, but it is “We Love Larry” after all.

  • Remember the time we rented the rug cleaner in Macomb and stared at that thing for 15 minutes and eventually ended up cutting off the plug? What the hell were we thinking? Remember when we eventually saw the directions?

  • I remember a time when you were coaching our soccer team in Muscatine and you got so mad at them for their antics that you pulled us all off the field and we just forfeited the game. That was classic.

  • I also remember a soccer game against Palmer that they were objecting that Tim and I were too small to play against them and I think both of us scored a goal that game and we won. You yelled over to them after one of the goals…”How small are they now!”

  • One time we picked up Grandma Carroll in Kansas City and were driving her back to Galesburg or Orion and I was the navigator. We ended up travelling across Missouri in the funniest and probably longest trip she ever had. The whole time she sat in the back and gave us a hard time.

  • I remember water skiing all day long with the Brudnells and Brodskys at the Lake of the Ozarks with you driving. You must have been crazy driving us all day, but we had a blast.

  • I had a great time at your retirement “party” at now “Old” Busch stadium. The whole gang was there. I don’t even know who won!

  • Having a blast playing water volleyball in the pool in your backyard. I think Louise was cheating.

  • Pinewood derby.

  • Sitting at the intersection of 13th avenue and I think 4ths street for the Fall Festival 5/10K run. So dumb, but we sat there with Darryl Kelsall for years throwing rocks at the stupid sign like it was some sort of skill. We never did get the “good” corner did we?

  • Remember that time me and Tom Tholl and whoever else came home after a rain storm covered head to toe in mud. We had been running and sliding all over the Love Park ball diamonds….man you guys were mad! What a bunch of dopes we were huh?

  • I think you were involved in the infamous “broken desk” caper with Mike Locander. I think my desk flew out of your truck on the way to my apartment and that funny guy put it back together from its mangled pieces IN my room. I can still see him rolling on the floor when I walked into the room and ran my hand over it in the dark yelling “It’s scratched!!” Then he flipped the light on and it was basically a big pile of broken wood.

  • I remember doing a lot of fishing off the docks at “The Flame” and sitting there with a bunch of Cardinal fans listening to the game and trying to catch something.

I could go on and on but until I get word that you smiled at one of these you aren’t getting any more   : )

Love you dad.



  1. Hey guys Dad is getting on this blog thing as well. I am working through a little test exercise with him. -Ed Farwell

  2. Well I thought dad was going to post a comment tonight, bedtime might be delaying his words. I'd like to add the memory I have of painting my name on Larry's cars back when they still had a Demolition Derby as part of the Orion Fall Festival. I even remember going with dad and Larry to look at the cars before they were converted to lean, mean wrecking machines.

  3. The "broken desk" caper is a favorite memory for me. I am literally sitting at my desk at work right now and laughing about the look on Jon's face when he realized his desk was ruined. The lesson learned that day: Don't let Larry move your stuff unless you want to see it airborn out on highway 150. Thanks for the good times.