Central Perk

We have learned so many lessons during this trip and hopefully some of them stick. We have grand plans and changes we are planning to make and I’ll let you know how we do. One of the lessons I’ve learned is to reach out to people you have lost contact with. I didn’t just figure this out after visiting Eirik, but it dawned on me the success we have had recently finding long lost friends. I added it up the other day and collectively we had to make up about 60 years of lost time with the people we did find. Loluca from Spain who we found has a wonderful family in Madrid and great memories of our father Bob. Lisa from Africa who reminds us that no matter what struggles we might have it doesn’t even compare to some that she has seen. Eirik from Norway who is just one of those great guys that you meet and really should not pass on the opportunity to hang out with. Looks like Wilma wins again. She has been giving me the business for years about keeping in touch with old friends. I can’t promise to collect all my old friends, visit them, get pictures of their kids…but I will try harder and be an advocate for getting together. Here are some of our friends.

Dad3 DSCN3425


102_1502 friends2


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