I want to ride my bicycle…

So….Who knew that pumping up a bike tire would be so challenging?

We went to go for a quick ride to the local golf club for lunch. A nice, easy fun ride to get the kids out into the fresh air. The problem is…How to get the fresh air into the bike tires? The funny part about this little story is that the bike tires don’t REALLY need air, I’m just being vigilant and topping them off. By now most of you are saying to yourselves, “What? Is he stupid? You just pump the tires up.” Life should be so simple. It seems that like the metric system, things have to be done just a little bit different. Pump won’t fit the stem, stem doesn’t seem to be adjustable, unscrewing stem a little bit results in rush of air from the tire, game over. Instead of having a slightly underinflated tire, I now have a flat one. Good one Jon. I guess I should have watched this video (click) prior to attempting. I have no adaptor which equals no bike riding. Presta valves? Who knew? It’s always something with me. We went to lunch anyhow and had a great time. Here are a couple of pictures.

DSCN3306 DSCN3310


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