They really do break guitars

Ok…I don’t think posting videos on the blog works very well and a lot of people have trouble seeing them, but as you can tell I like them.

I’ve heard about this video for a couple of weeks now, but thought it was just a silly output of some guys anger at United Airlines. I finally saw it referenced for the millionth time and since I have a pending flight coming up I thought I’d see what it was about. This isn’t some guy with a handheld video camera sitting on a stool bitching about United Airlines, this is good stuff. Quick background is that this guy and his band flew United and during a layover in Chicago a lady on the plane noticed, and brought to other peoples attention, that the baggage handlers were tossing around guitars. Well this video he made is haunting United and has cost them WAY more than a guitar.

I might buy this from iTunes just to make a point and maybe it will save my luggage some day.

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