I’ve decided to take the opposite approach to dieting when I return to Tampa. No, I’m not going to eat everything in sight and hope that I lose weight. They say that you are not supposed to weigh yourself very often or something like once a week. I’m going to weigh myself every day. Since I’m a spreadsheet and database geek I’m going to track everything and provide myself inspiration. I’m going to make it into a kind of video game. Oh sure…there are other things I’m going to do, but none of them are quite as cool as this. Check this out.


It’s pretty pricey, but right up my alley. Check it out. (Click here)

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  1. Here is my approach to eating: " If it tastes good and I like it then I eat it " If it is really good I eat a lot of it. This does not control anything but my own sanity.