You can’t get there from here boy

I’m not sure what this blog is turning into really. I think I complain a lot or I’m making it into a one man “Three Stooges”. Today is a perfect example. We went downtown to the Maritime museum in Gothenburg which is a whole story by itself, so I’ll let it keep for a bit. The group split up because I have a job that starts at 2:00 p.m. that I love. That also is another story. So I’m turned loose on the mass transit, bus and tram system here, which is fine. I’m perfectly capable and not intimidated by it, at least I wasn’t. What I think is roughly halfway home the tram stops and this is the announcement I hear. “Vi har tekniska problem du byta tåg till vänster.” This is at least a rough translation of what I think was said. Sensing that all is not well I ask the man next to me, “What is the problem?” He shrugs his shoulders and gets off the tram. The next two people do the same thing and like the sheep that I am…I follow them. Now these people could have all been getting off the tram to attend the 20th annual Naked Pogo Stick convention for all I know, but what the heck I’m going with them. They all jump over some fence, walk half a block and get on another tram. Since none of them seemed to have any pogo sticks and didn’t seem to be particularly athletic I felt a little better. The tram eventually makes it to an area that I recognize and I transfer to bus route 94. I didn’t realize until the bus took off that even though I’m 10 minutes from “home”, that the 94 must mean either how many stops there are or how long it takes to get there. As my stop passes by the window I also realize that if you want the bus to ACTUALLY stop, you have to hit the little red button. Something that not a single soul has done up to this point, and I might add that my stop is the only one that we didn’t stop at. By the time I figured all of this out, the bus had done a U-turn and started over, giving me a second chance at the red button and success. Such is my luck here in Sweden most of the time.

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