No topic. Randomness ahead

You can tell we are getting to the end of our trip because I’m starting to hear a lot more “When we get back to Florida…” and “You need to finish this when we get home” statements. I think the best part about getting home will be that it will seem like an additional vacation getting back to all of our favorite things. At some point we will miss everything we had here, but I give us 2 weeks of “feel good”.

I’ve heard enough back from everyone to know that I’m going to keep the blog going after I get back. I think everyone will enjoy having a place to check in on my dad and the family even if nothing is going on. I won’t have a travel theme either, so it may turn into a lot more of my ramblings. Joe and Chris, my neighbors, will have to be on good behavior because I’ll get tired of writing about my silly adventures and start picking on them.

Last note for this entry. Eirik Frogner and his family are coming to Gothenburg to visit us in our last few days in Sweden. For those of you that missed it, Eirik was an exchange student in 1984 that stayed with me and my family in Orion. Yes it’s been 25 years. We picked up right where we left off on the phone harassing each other like it’s only been a short time. I’ll make sure I get some pictures, don’t worry Mom.

More later when my brain is awake.

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