Winding down

Another Swedish dinner under our belts. Our exchangers from this house, now get this, came over to their own house, brought food, cooked us dinner and then went to stay with another family. It just keeps getting weirder to stay here. We had a great time talking the pros and cons of home exchange. Who broke what? Do the neighbors here in Sweden have those 3 a.m. parties often? We talked about favorite restaurants and things to do. It was fun. Today we will meet Eirik and his family as they have travelled from Oslo, Norway to visit us here in Gothenberg. The plan is that we are headed back to the Liseberg amusement park to keep the 5 and 6 year olds calm and maybe even keep Sara from telling her million “When we were in Norway…” stories. No pictures from last night…not sure why, but we will get some shots with Eirik and his family. Promise!

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