International relations

I owe some random guy 12 KR…about $1.50. I probably won’t find him again, so I guess I’ve got to use the “pay it forward” method. We were stuck at the parking kiosk, I know, big surprise huh? I should rename this blog “I hate parking”. We didn’t have enough coins and didn’t have the right card. A random stranger asked us how long we were going to be there and swiped his card through the meter for us. Pretty cool. Before I get too much further, does anyone still have a Diners Club card? I could have used that to pay for my parking, but not VISA or MasterCard. Funny. It also occurs to me that we might be ok in the generosity department. We came across a young lady crying in the airport in Madrid. She had fallen prey to the Ryan Air fee ghouls. Seems they wanted an extra 20 euro because she didn’t check in on-line. We were a little short on cash at the time, but it seemed silly to let the poor girl get stuck at the airport for $25. Jen dug out some cash and chased her down to give her the money. I think I’m going to pretend that we are always one favor behind and keep paying off my 12 KR over and over again. Who knows when we are going to have to cash it in?

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