Since I’m not superstitious I’m going to type this post and then sit back and watch. We began our trip with a plan, certain things we needed, and our good health. To this point….everything has happened according to the plan, we didn’t really need more than we had, and we have all been healthy. Now to qualify this, of course Jen is sick this morning. We have only had one computer failure, well two, if you count me forgetting to bring a power cord. I fixed the other with a $3.00 set of screwdrivers. Out of all our moving around and hustling from here to there we have only missed one train and that cost us an hour. Nothing major has happened at our exchange houses or our home, except a strange shower mishap in Holland that the “shower guy” assured me was not the fault of anyone, just inevitable. I hope that worked out ok. So…in an effort to remain non-superstitious I am typing this all here as an experiment. I am now on the hook for whatever might happen, but I think it would be that way anyhow.

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