Visiting hours

Hey there! I took yesterday off from writing to organize the house and organize in general. We had Roland, our exchange families father, and his wife over for dinner last night to repay the wonderful dinner we had with them the previous weekend. We had a great time sitting around talking and at one point singing Swedish childrens songs. I promised Jen that she could use the video of that for, so keep checking back with her. We did get a surprise visit from our exchange family who are back in the country. They are very nice and we have dinner planned with them tomorrow night. I think we are in for some more traditional Swedish food and stories from Land O Lakes. It will be interesting to hear about their visit in our home and tell them our stories.

Apparently my mom and dad spent the day yesterday entertaining visitors. My mom sent an e-mail telling me a list of people who dropped by for food and games. My friend Mike Locander and his family apparently put a claim in on our dog while they were there. All in all it sounds like the Carroll family had a great day off yesterday. It seems a little boring to write about, but I’ll take a day like this anytime.


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