Winners and losers

SKYPE phone (handset)LOSER - The handset I bought to log into random wireless networks to have SKYPE usage turned out to mostly be a dud. Even on the home wireless networks it dropped signal about every 4 seconds. Sara used it the most since it was the only phone we let her use.

REBTEL phone serviceWINNER - ( This service gave me a local number in each country we moved to that was updateable on the web. I had super low rates and could just put $10 at a time in the account. This saved me a LOT of hassle from work. I set up the APC 800 number as one of my favorites and had quality voice service that never dropped.

On-line bankingWINNER – I haven’t written a check in 6 months and every bill I have gets paid on-line.

Friends and familyWINNER(s) – Everyone has been very supportive and we appreciate all of you. We could not have done this without a LOT of help. We had a great time with our visitors and hope that if we continue to travel this way that we can have more people join us along the way. Since this is my blog and named after Larry I’m giving my parents a special thanks for watching the dog and being so understanding.

British AirwaysLOSERS – It has been almost 6 months since we flew into London on BA and we are still pissed at them. They didn’t break our guitars, but they sure screwed up the start of this trip. Don’t tell them I labeled them LOSERS until we get back home in Tampa though.

More as I think of them.

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