We are stirring

So the next couple of weeks have a couple of twists coming up. This weekend we are traveling to the south of Gothenburg to spend the day with the father of our exchange people, Roland. He has promised a day of nature, culture, and BBQ. I’m interested to see what a Swedish BBQ consists of. If they break out some big old salted fish, I’ve leaving. He has some other visitors, so we will be able to get a true Swedish experience. The week after that I’m hoping to catch up with another blast from the past. 25 years ago the Carroll family had an exchange student from Norway stay with us for a year. I called him, after some serious nudging from my mom, and we talked for about half an hour. We tentatively made plans to get together a few days before we head back to the states. This would be a great way to cap off our trip. I know my mom is interested in seeing us get together, and after talking to him I am too. Stay tuned.

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