The great debate

Ok, so maybe this is dumb but I am intrigued. You know how everyone in the peanut butter world is kinda the same as the real world? You can draw your own connections, but I see the peanut butter world as you are either a chunky person, a smooth person, or can go both ways. I’m not sure what I discovered today, but there is another category. Peanut butter with very small chunks. This is amazing to me. I hate chunky peanut butter, but I like this stuff. I can’t figure out if this is a good thing for the peanut butter company though. Do families with both sets of peanut butter people in the house buy two jars of peanut butter? Do they buy two different brands? Would people eat more peanut butter or less? These things actually went through my mind as I ate some toast this morning. What type of marketing do you do? Do you try to lure the “smooths” over to the chunky side by proclaiming it as the “New cool (almost) smooth”? Or do you try to get the “chunkies” over by some sort of “Save your colon” campaign. Note to self…call Jiffy.

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