What to do, what to do?

I mentioned the other day that I have to figure out what to do with this blog when I get home. Here are the options as I see them.

  • Keep plugging away. Joe the neighbor says that there is enough goofiness happening in our neighborhood that it could keep me busy.
  • Shut it down in celebration of Larry being a boring ex-sick person.

I started this post thinking there was a list of options, but it appears that there are really only two. It’s hard to gauge the level of interest there is in reading what is posted here, or if people are just checking in to make sure my dad is ok.

If you read this post in the next few days, let me know in the comments what you think, or shoot me an e-mail. joncarroll01@gmail.com


  1. and your blog!!! read it every day.

  2. I actually said"I love you and your blog..." but would love to hear what you think I MAY have said!!