It’s the little things

I had no idea that so many things were different. I knew the languages and the settings and various things would be different, but there are some tiny differences that seem to haunt me.

Washer and Dryers – I find it funny that all of our exchange families knew that there were differences in the washer and dryers and left instructions. We, however, left none for ours. I think the people living in our house probably got by since they could at least read the instructions. All of the washers and dryers we have come across have had multiple little tubs to fill with liquids that you better not mess up. None of the dryers we have had have had drains, but instead they have reservoirs that need emptying each time. Add in the language barrier and I end up wearing dirty clothes rather than letting the washing machine make me feel dumb dumber.

Cross walks – I’ve mentioned this in a prior post, but I’m still amazed at the confidence people here have in a cross walk. They don’t think twice or even look one way or the other in most instances…they just plow their way across the street. I really hope I don’t run anyone over in the next couple of weeks. I have to remember REALLY hard to pay attention when nearing a cross walk.

Doors – This one is very subtle, but the most of the doors swing the opposite direction in most places we’ve been. I know I’m crazy for thinking this, but once you take a couple of shots to the fingers or head from a door you thought was going the other way, you’ll see what I mean. I also had to quickly learn the words for push or pull. You really feel dumb pausing at every door you come to.

Tipping – I have taken an approach to tipping that will probably get most of you in trouble when you get here. I don’t tip at all. I used to over tip in the states, but since I can’t figure out how it works here I just don’t tip. I think this is because every time I thought I had to tip someone, they just shooed me away. Anyone who should have received a tip? Sorry.

Walking in the bike lane/path – Sam is super concerned about this one. He is hyper vigilant about NOT walking in the bike lane. He will chide you if you step in the wrong spot and has had minor freak outs when Sara would tease him by walking there on purpose.

Sorry if I’ve recycled some of these, but these are the types of things that keep my mind busy.

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