Island hopping

We investigated the Gothenburg mass transit system yesterday as a group. Having a visitor is good as it makes us slightly more inclined to get going and see the sights. Every person we talked to up to this point would make a comment such as “Have you been to the islands?”, so we decided that we should go see the islands. This way when that question comes up we don’t look like rookies. Every leg of the train / tram system here costs about $2, so it is an easy and inexpensive way to travel. The interesting thing about the system is that the boats that service the islands off the coast are also roughly $2. This was a rare treat for us in Sweden…inexpensiveness! I’m not even sure that’s a word. The island we settled on didn’t seem to have any cars and a bevy of golf carts. We had a great time wandering around, including a trip through the boneyard, a lunch and the trek back. Here are a few pictures of the beauty of the island…no, not more pictures of me.

DSCN3234 DSCN3242


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