Happy 3rd of July!!

Well we sent our visitors off in grand style. We offer free rides to any airport, bus, or train station. FREE! The part most people take issue with is the airfare to visit.

I think I’ll take a few seconds today to tell you happy 4th of July and to send a special message from abroad about the freedoms you enjoy. I don’t really have a format for doing this but here are some thoughts.

As you grab a cold drink this weekend while watching the fireworks. Add an extra ice cube as a tribute to those who can’t or won’t use ice cubes. They need to know you are fighting for them.

Celebrate the opportunity to wilt in the heat of 100+ degree weather with 98% humidity. There are some countries over here that don’t get such an opportunity and are looking to you to enjoy it while they can’t.

If you do get hit by an errant bottle rocket. Remember that waiting in the emergency room for 10 hours is a privilege that is almost uniquely American.

If you see a line. Do your best to stand in it and show the rest of the world that not only do we Americans like to stand in line….we don’t cut. Be proud! (That one was for you Ståle.)

and the last one I especially need some help with. Park wherever you want this weekend. On the grass, on the side of the road, wherever…and don’t pay for it. This will make me very happy.

On a serious note I have learned a lot of things while traveling these last few months. One is that I miss my country and I am proud of it and two, that others are equally as proud of their countries for many good reasons. We should celebrate together whenever we can.

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  1. Let me just add one more of my own: go to a store, gas station, movie theater, or McDonalds, and USE THE TOILET. Without paying.