100th entry

Being a data geek I'm obligated to post this information. This blog has been operational for 115 days and this is the 101st post.

There have been 2,012 visits from 6 continents and suprisingly about 30 countries.

The most telling statisitic is the visits from the States. These are the visits I attribute to people checking in on my dad. There have been visits from 32 of the 50 states.

After typing all of the above I'm obligated to tell you a story about why those numbers are probably spread far and wide.

Throughout my life, everywhere we have travelled, my dad always ran into someone he knows. One time he was visiting me in Florida and staying in a place my in-laws had on Pine Island (click it to see where). We drove to a teeny tiny location at the tip of the island called Bokeelia. As we are preparing to enter a small restaurant I hear the usual, "Hey Larry!". Never fails and it never surprises him. 99% of the time it is someone from Deere and Co. that he used to work with. This has happened to him / us more times than I can count. Vegas, St. Louis, Chicago, Florida, I forget where else, but it is pretty cool. I'll include my mom in this observation also because the above happens for a reason. My mom and dad are good people who have taken time in their lives to get to know people, make them their friends, and have memorable interactions with them. I won't be surprised when someone taps me on the shoulder during this trip and asks me, "Aren't you Larry and Wilma's kid?" I will proudly tell them that I am.

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