Short good morning entry. Hello Belleville.

Since it is chemo day and people are probably going to look here for an update on the tests last week, I'll keep it short until I know something.

Here's a note for dad...I know my mom passes along some of them. You have succesfully passed along the "tough" gene to your grandson. I'm not sure he'll make it to Marine Corp. status but check this out. The other day we were walking along the beach with the wind blowing us around and I asked Sam if he wanted to take a swim. Here are the particulars. Wind - 20 mph. Temperature - around 45. Water temperature? Probably below 60. His answer? YEA!!!!! I start goofing with him taking off his jacket, sweater, doesn't faze him. He's going swimming.

Hang in there today Dad.....I'll send this tough guy to help if I have to.

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  1. Belleville, Michigan 28 degrees & 3" of snow. Jon & Family: We are friends of your parents and spent our last year in USMC in Albany, Georgia with them. Back then we played a little football & softball. We also visited your family in Orion many moons ago. Hope Larry's tests go well and I have been following your trip. Great idea with the website. Jim & Gloria Howley!