I've been holding on to these for quite some time and now I'm hoping that by bringing them to this forum I can collect more.

I've been referring to Larry'isms with my family for many years and when I use one I tell them they just got "Larry'ed". Just so you understand and so that I don't get sued. I don't think my Dad originated all of these phrases or invented them, or owns them. Think that will keep me covered? These are words and phrases that he used when I was growing up to accomplish various things. I'll give you a couple and my thoughts on them and you can pass some back to me. I promise I'll credit you in the book when I publish it.

1. - "Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?" - now I know my dad didn't originate this one, but he had like 3 more answers to the question rather than the "Not if it's in cans" one. I lied. I don't have many thoughts on this one except that it would make me roll my eyes each time I heard it.'s one of the Larry answers. "Not if it is as green as you are"...followed by some fake laugh.

2. - "I didn't ask you if it was yours" - this particular Larry-ism is actually a tool every parent uses after saying that they would never use it when they became parents. My dad just used it with particular effectiveness. I remember being stumped for a response when he fired this one at me. It usually went something like this: "Jon....pick up those toys" - "But Dad...those toys aren't mine." (whiny voice) "I didn't ask you if they were yours, now pick them up" - Game over.

I think I have more....but I really only recall them when I have some childhood flash of them being used.

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  1. I'm familiar with the rhubarb thing. Don't have any idea where it came from.
    Where are you all going from where you are? It's a long time till August.
    Sure praying for good news come Tues.