Checking in with Larry.

I talked with my mom AND my Aunt Pat the other day on the double secret, Skype, video spy phone. No offense mom, but it was nice to see someone other than you and dad on the video screen.

My mom took Larry to the eye doctor hoping that they might wish to fix the cataract in his eye, but they declined. They are going to wait until July, after the chemo sessions, and for better health. That kinda sucks, but I guess July is closer than it used to be. Chemo session scheduled for Tuesday. It figures that this is a travel day for us, but our travel isn’t very extensive and we will be at our new home by 1:00 pm Orion time. One more down, two more to go!!

I’ll wait for a report from Pat and other interested parties for a “I haven’t seen Larry in a while” update.

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  1. Was great seeing your Dad, he was in good spirits,got emotional a few times. We went to dinner with your Mon & Dad and Bud & Emily Fri. evening. Took you Dad & Mom to see Babe's good friend Mary Sue who lives in Abingdon,she has lung cancer,has had some chemo and 24 radiation treatments.She told you Dad she admires hom for going and doing things,she just does not feel like leaving the house.I'm not sure what the doctors are telling her because she said she did not want any doctors telling her how much time she has so knowing Mary Sue she told them not to tell her. I think your Dad enjoyed our visit, he was really tired by the time we got thru running around on Sat,he took a nap while we got dinner ready. He doesn't eat much,says nothing tastes good,hopefully that will get better after he is done with chemo, he really needs to gain some weight. Told you Mom if he is not able to go to Sweden she should go and I can either go stay with him or get him to KC. Would be good for both of them.I think he would enjoy coming here.