I thought I would update with a rare picture of me and Jen. I also have to add one disclaimer. I am happy. Some people have commented that when we have pictures of just the two of us, neither of us seem happy or are not smiling. The reason for this is the photographer. Again…I love Sara to death, but her A.D.D. affects her ability to take a picture. I’m not sure why, because you would expect an A.D.D kid to just snap pictures like crazy, drop the camera and run away to the next thing. In fact we joke with Sara sometimes about it based on this T-shirt.


We just say, “Oh Sara spotted a chicken.” When her attention wanders. When taking a picture, however, she sits, and sits, and sits, until just when you get irked enough to make a face at her, then she clicks. The results are pictures like this.

Hurtigruten 096

Jen has more patience that I do and managed not to make “the face” until seconds after the click. Love ya Sara, but “Take the damn picture!” : )


  1. I am a critically accaimed photograper! i just don't like to be told what to do. especially by you..

  2. I believe the talented photopgrapher of this picture captured your true inner being. Sorry if that comes out on film as a disgruntled postal worker but sometimes the truth hurts. How could there be any question when you have a great wife and family.


  3. Interesting point. I'll look for other similarities to my inner Clavin.