Happy Easter

Nothing to report here in Norway. I post most of these entries in the morning…long before most of you get up and long before much happens here for the day. That means I have to rely on something to report from the previous day and it was a pretty laid back day yesterday.

Next week is going to be pretty hectic as we prepare to leave for our next destination. We are planning to try to grab the first fjord excursion of the season from Alesund sometime this week. We have to try to find the best weather day possible so it is not a wasted trip. The excursion is an entire day leaving at 9:30 in the morning and returning at around 5:00. You don’t even leave the ship. Apparently you sail in, the ship turns around, and you sail back. We want to catch one of the larger ships for this trip. I think they rotate through the “fleet” as the season ramps up. We hope to get some great pictures to add to our almost 800 shots to this point. We haven’t really deleted many as we just dump them on the computer and move on. Digital photography is a wonderful thing until you have to sift through the rejects, not to mention the kids “Can I take a picture?” photos.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday and anyone who checks in here today, please say hello to our friends and family back home.


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