Maybe it’s a sign

Sometimes I wonder if the things that kick around in my brain are as funny to other people as they are to me. Today we are going to test that theory I guess. As I wandered the ship yesterday I kept coming upon signs that cracked me up. At some point I decided to take pictures of these signs and show you what I am talking about. Maybe these are only funny to me, in which case one of us is weird.

I would say this one is maybe the least funny of the group, but I kept thinking to myself, self…”What is the Danger of Life?”  If you open this gate is there a chance they will make you live? I could go on and on making jokes that are less and less funny, but that won’t make either of us happy.

Hurtigruten 028

Let’s see….”I’ll have some coffee please, a couple of yogurts, and what else?…..Oh yes, I see it now, One ASS.Smakaker. Those of you less versed in the Norwegian language might think you are getting some sort of titillating punishment or something even weirder. I decided not to look it up and just order one. I’m not telling.

Hurtigruten 033

Now after an Ass.Smakaker, what else could you ask for? How about a little squeezing? If you go through this door it is apparently a possibility. I noticed two more things on this cruise. One, it was filled with a lot of our older generation friends and two, the older ladies spend a lot of time going in and out of this door.

Hurtigruten 044

Finally we have reached my favorite sign on the ship. I think it is because it can have so many meanings. Did this life ring just have a really great idea? or is it a really good idea to use the light ring if needed? Isn’t there some “Danger of Life” if you combine the life ring with the electricity? I hope it isn’t lame, like there is a light bulb attached to the life rings. That would be disappointing.

Hurtigruten 120

There ya have it. While others were walking around enjoying the sights and the weather, I was looking at the signs and giggling to myself.

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