Veere right!

Interesting day. We finally made our way to the bike shop to get everyone outfitted with bikes. It’s surprisingly cheap to rent bikes here…I guess. Cost me like 50 euro for 4 weeks X 3bikes. That’s 150 euro total for those of you that are confused by the math already (Locander). We took a ride to a town nearby to get our bike legs, and we were amazed. The weather was beautiful, the riding was easy, and the town of Veere was about as European as it gets. (as much as I’ve been able to ascertain to this point). We did take some pictures from a walk we took earlier, but you have to click this link for Veere. It looked exactly like this.

This is the link you should click….really

We had lunch in a little outdoor cafe and ice cream while strolling the streets. A short bike ride back home and it was time to start the day. We haven’t determined what our plans are for the weekend. Belgium? Middelburg? more biking? I think all three.

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