Our ship has come in…..or has it?

Here it is….the standard Carroll story. Running late, forgetting stuff, people are upset, laws are being broken…happens every time. This morning we were trying to move fast and make it to the ship to Geiranger to view the spectacular Norwegian fjords. It was a super nice day, the view looked like it was going to be fantastic, we just had to make it to the dock. Where were we going to park? I think we all know that I am now scared of the parking situation and I think I’m on a “Most Wanted” parking list. Where do we buy the tickets? The guy we called the day before wasn’t Mr. Helpful. We screeched into a parking space, jumped out of the car and lo and behold…..no ship. Did we miss it? NO. Was it running late? NO. The cruises to Geiranger start tomorrow. Sigh.

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