Swing and a miss!

Well my Cardinals are off to a semi-slow start and I guess I'm not that great of a fan if I can't get up at 2:00 a.m. to watch them play I thought I would re-visit or visit things that I miss while travelling.

1. - Hamburgers - I wanted to lead with this one because it would give me an excuse to update the "Hamburger clock" - haven't had a hamburger for almost 9 weeks.

2. - Normal business hours. - I was tempted to go with an "all meat" list because I realize now that I also miss steak, but I miss going to work at, or around 8:30 and being normal. Ok, I'm not sure I'll ever be normal, but working until 10:30p.m. and logging off at exactly 8.5 hours isn't my style. Maybe that isn't normal either as I think about it.

3. - Ice cubes - Now don't get all "What's his problem with ice cubes?" on me. I don't personally miss them, it's more of a curiosity to me than anything. I miss them because Jen makes me run down to the basement to get them from the freezer.

4. - Shorts - Ok this might sound weird, but bear with me. I miss throwing on shorts and a T-shirt and being ready for the day. This goes hand in hand with jackets, socks, boots, hat, scarf, gloves. The climate here has been an enjoyable break, but I had forgotten how complicated living with "weather" was.

Only a 4 item list. That isn't too bad huh? There are probably more, but some of them don't make for interesting reading. I have an entire list of things I don't miss....don't worry Tim, I miss you too. I'll save those for another day.

Go Cards!!


  1. You had me worried until I got down the last line, I was sure I would be #1 on the list of things missed. Do you miss the Swimming Pool? I cannot wait until you get to the next location, I look forward to Sam's posts on the Chicken update!!!

  2. If you could not figure it out, the last post was from the "favorite" son in St. Louis. LOL....