Uh oh Shaggy

One of the interesting things we have noticed here in Norway is the crossing guard apparel. It didn't become obvious until our third or fourth evening here when 3 or 4 dayglow apparitions appeared on the street. It was like being in a Scooby Doo cartoon. Seems that when people walk in the evening or even early morning they don the day glow vests to warn traffic that they are in/near the road. Makes sense. We also came across this when we encountered groups of school children. I guess they want to keep the kids safe and make it easy to spot them if they wander off. Imagine the reaction you wold get in an American school if you went in one day with a crate of day glow vests, handed them out to everyone and told them they would be wearing them while at school or walking to and from school. Imagine also...why we don't.

Spot the outsider. Click the picture to get a closer look.

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