Time Bandit

I was the first to notice that something was different. Once we missed our ship, or better yet, arrived early for our ship, we decided to get the most of our 12 Kr. parking. I looked down the jetty and noticed that some of the sun was blocked, there was a Mercedes SUV parked in my way, and there was a certain richness in the air that one wouldn’t normally associate with being on a fish dock. I looked a little further down the way and found the source of the Robin Leach air I was feeling. There it was….the Time Bandit. For those of you that are big Discovery Channel fans, this was not the crab ship. I have decided to post pictures of the two so you can see the difference.

The Time Bandit that was docked in Alesund is apparently an excursion boat for hire and is the latest and greatest offering from Johs Lunde Yachting. This is a 95 foot luxury yacht that accomodates up to 25 of your friends and comes with a captain and two crew members. This will set you back about $15,000.00 a day if you are inclined. In fact, I can run down there and take it for a spin if you want a first hand account of how she rides.

Since I was under the watch of the Secret Service my picture was a little less glamorous, but here it is.


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