Quiet day in Norway....had to, it rhymes.

Someone pointed out to me that we always seem to be describing one adventure or another and wondered what exciting thing we were doing this weekend. Well....this weekend was probably one of the most exciting ever. Hold on to your seats, gather the kids around the screen....you're never gonna believe it. We played cards, drank some coffee and went for a bike ride. I know what you are thinking. Where do they get the energy? I have to tell you I don't really know. As I was shuffling the cards yesterday I was wondering the same thing myself.

We actually sat out in the neighborhood circle with a nice hot cup of coffee and played cribbage while Sam played with the local children. We talked with a couple of neighbors and had a nice day with some very nice weather. Starting Monday we only have 2 full weeks here, so the stories are going to get progressively boring. Look for exciting titles like: "Washed the car!" or "Did a bunch of laundry". Fun huh? Here are a couple of pictures. I'll save my bike riding experience for another time. Think lots of hills and mind the extra 45 pounds on the back of my bike....I'm
talking about Sam you smart alecks.

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