What's a henway?

I've admitted that I struggle with the language. Norwegian, French, Spanish, keep listing them, I don't speak any of them. I feel bad about this, but not as bad as I feel about not understanding one of the main languages here is Europe. President Carter tried to get me to speak it, but the metric system in America went the way of his presidency. I probably get the weirdest looks when I try to speak measurements. 85 degrees? I watch peoples eyes go wide when I tell them the temperature at home in Tampa, until they realize I'm talking Fahrenheit. I can't even explain what a mile is because I'm not really sure myself. I think it's something to do about the number of paces a Roman takes. Don't get me wrong, I think that the U.S., Liberia, Belize and Myanmar should hold fast and force the rest of the civilized world to come to us. Hang in there Myanmarians! We are with you. Seems the only language I have in common with everyone on the planet is time. If they change the clocks somewhere, I'm screwed.

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