In and out of Brugge

Welcome back everyone. I think this post will have to be short on details since Sam is sick this morning and could use a little attention. He has a cold and a fever and has been hunkered down in bed. We had a long weekend and I think we wore the little guy out.

The weekend consisted of our usual exploring techniques. Wandering around, never quite sure where we are at any given time or knowing what we might find. We do too much buying candy, waffles, ice cream or you name it. I hope the kids don’t think this is how it’s going to work all the time. We spent Sunday morning on a short bike ride to one of our new favorite spots, Veere. It’s just so nearby and interesting we can’t resist. Yesterday we found a little candy shop on one of the side streets and sampled the fare…highly recommended. There is a picture below somewhere. Later in the afternoon it was off to something a little more daring….an hour + trip to Brugge, Belgium. I have never heard of Brugge, but I think that’s true of a lot of Americans, at least until the movie In Bruges was released last year. I spent a lot of time spinning around amazed at the architecture of this place. Something I can only try to describe in the pictures below. Eventually we will have ALL of the pictures on the site for you to view. There are just too many to put on this page. I’m a bit of a picture freak at times. Anyhow. Here are a couple of pictures before I get back to Sam and his runny nose. Enjoy and watch for the entire set posted to the shutterfly site. Might as well go and rent the movie also.

Oh yeah…I told you I’d post the picture of the candy shop. I figured I’d put a couple of “They really do ride the bikes” pictures also.

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