Anyone seen the remote?

It's weird that everything works remotely. I pay my bills on the computer. I sure don't miss seeing them arrive, but I guess I still have to pay them. Working remotely has been fine, I'm not sure some of the people that I work with even know where I am. In fact it is one of their favorite jokes to start conference calls with. "What country are you in today?" Yesterday I cleared our DVR/cable box of recorded shows over the internet. I forgot to clear the schedule on it so it goes on recording all our favorite shows at home. Sara goes to school remotely and is doing fine. There is a trade off with remote school that is going to come to a head at some point. She gets good grades and is outside the goofy influence of her teen friends, but is isolated. How long can we hide her from that world that makes her even more teenager? It has been interesting.

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