Kubb rube

DSCN1634 After sitting on the sidelines for a bit trying to figure out the game, it finally happened. No injury, no last minute trade was made…..one of the players just gave up in frustration, plus there was skiing to do. I had no time to warm up or prepare, but I was in…I was playing Kubb. I won’t even begin to try to explain the rules here, but this is a link to history and somewhere there are rules listed (click here). Basically the game consists of many people throwing sticks at other peoples sticks and hoping that you get more sticks than they do. When I read that back to myself it seems so much easier. The neighbors were very nice to let me and Sam play and put up with our rookie Kubb status. Brush up on your stick throwing skills because we are bringing it back with us…..not the sticks, the concept.

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