I'm on a road to nowhere

So yesterday we decide to take the road less travelled. This isn't some philosophical journey to discover ones inner self.....this is literally the road no one seems to use. We started up this road because we had never been on it before. We kept on this road because it just kept going and going and the views kept getting better and better. We passed horses, sprawling fields, waterfalls, and eventually made it to the top. Along the way we passed numerous other hikers and adventurers and thought to ourselves..."Boy we must be on to something." Whatever was on top of this mountain must be really cool. Well I'm not going to insult your intelligence by continuing this tease. You all know me by now and my propensity for sarcasm. There wasn't jack squat at the top of this mountain. Nothing. These people were walking up this hill to get exercise! Imagine the story I had to tell Sam who was only continuing the climb for the big reward. Funny thing was Sam was excited to get to the top because that meant he got to run down the mountain. Problem solved. Along the way up and the way down we did get to see some nice sites and goof around with the kids. Here are some shots of that.

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