She’s phoning it in all right

Since there isn’t much else going on here are some medical reports.

Dad is doing o.k. He went to the dentist because of a sore tooth and I’ll spare you the details, but he’s on some antibiotics. Adding drugs into his world always complicates things, so I’m sure they are excited about that. Pulmonary visit today to check up on his breathing, which my mom has been concerned about also. That covers Orion.

Here in the Netherlands we are battling a big cold with Sam. He developed some sort of “out of nowhere” earache yesterday and could not be comforted. He’s a pretty tough kid, so when he was squirming around crying that “it hurts, it hurts” it must have been a thing. Curiously he fell asleep about 15 minutes into this episode, woke up the next morning and has no signs of any problem. It’s going to be interesting.

Since I’m kind of on the topic, this is one of the subjects that I get asked about a lot and don’t really have an answer for. “What do you do when / if you get sick?” My health insurance will cover things while we are here, it just requires that you fill out a lot of paperwork and pay out of pocket initially….I think. The problem is what do you do when you don’t know the doctors, the hospitals, and the “system”? So far we haven’t had to find out. I did make a call to Sam’s doctor back home to see if there was anything we could do in the meantime, but that was such a waste. After telling the girl who answered the phone we were out of the country and the problem, she said that she couldn’t call something in for me and he would have to be seen. Really? You can’t call something in? Duh. Oh and what time do you have that we could bring him in? Keep in mind we would have to book a flight and see if we could get there on time. Seriously.

Anyhow…both kids, Dad and Sam are ok for now. Stay tuned. You know how these stories go.

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