Honey I lost the house

There are a couple of things I think you never get used to when exchanging homes. You move in, sometimes for long periods of time, but you can never quite have it just right. Some examples: The trash can is never where it should be. My dad will attest to this one. A thousand years ago, in Orion, my mom and dad made an executive decision to move the trash can. To this day Time and I open the wrong door or look in the wrong place. Dad still think it’s funny. It’s the same in our exchange houses. I have to stop and think about where it is and then when I do kinda figure it out….we move. International standard = Under the sink on the left. It is just easier that way. Light switches. You know how in your house you can make you way through the dark and hit any light switch within a couple of inches without even seeing them? It apparently takes me months to figure out what switch turns on what. Last but not least….where the house is. This is the second house that we’ve been in on this trip and I have had the same feeling in both. What if I lose the house? I’m in a foreign country, the language is different, I basically don’t know where I am at any given time. I would hate to have to ask a stranger where my house is. Luckily we have a GPS for this exchange, but I definitely don’t leave home without it.

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