I pity the fool

I was talking with Dad yesterday and he said that my mom was trying to come up with some good April fools jokes to play. I'm not sure who she was going to play a trick on, but it reminded me that she used to like to get us as kids. I think her dad liked to try to get her also. I'm not trying to pick on her, but I remember her tricks used to consist of "There is no school today kids". Ok....we were old enough to know about April Fools Day, and we weren't getting caught with that one. It seems now that the smarter move would have been to allow her to win that one and take the day off school. If anyone got busted on an April Fools joke leave a comment and share. I read an article yesterday about Bolivia protesting that the U.S. was forcing daylight savings time on them and they were mad. I got halfway before I figured out it was a joke. Soon I'll be telling the kids there is no school on April 1st.

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