Gapinge, Netherlands

Well we made it here. It’s funny that a couple of short hop flights and a two hour drive can take all day, but it did. We made it out of Alesund on time and with no drama, a little hop to Oslo. We then boarded our longer (1.5 hours) flight to Amsterdam. There are a couple of stories to tell there, but it’s for later. We flew over the tulip fields of Holland on our way in and it was amazing. There is a picture of this from another site on Jen’s blog (Click here), you might have to search around a bit. Once we arrived in Amsterdam we were greeted by the owners of the home we are exchanging. They are great. Friendly, nice, down to earth people who we got along with right away. We were happy to meet them and glad that we now have met two great families in a row. It took us a couple of hours to drive to their home in Gapinge, but it was nice to take the drive and see some of the region. We arrived at their home at around 9:00 p.m. The house here is great. The backyard / garden is beautiful and the surroundings look to be fun. There is a windmill right across the street and all sorts of things to explore. Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures to throw your way at this point. I wanted to update everyone on our adventures and let you know we are here safely.

Larry Update!

I arrived to hear a voicemail from dad. He sounded great. My second voicemail was from my mom, she sounded great also…haha. Chemo day was progressing with no drama. The doctor didn’t have much to say, or mom didn’t pass it along. I guess the best message here for this is, no message. Two more treatments to go, get some meat on his bones, and by then I’ll be dropping by Orion to give him the business in person.

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  1. Hi and welcome to my Grandparents' country. They were from the north in the Friesland area, near a town called Sneek if I remember correctly (always iffy). Enjoy the tulips and windmills and send pix!!! How far are you from The Hague and Rotterdam and Brussels (watch out for sprouts!)?