I'll have fries with that!

Quick story from our trip to Lillehammer the other day. It seems our loud kids gave us away again. Some guy at the table next to us has a fork full of sausage, raises it in the air and says, "Breakfast of champions, hot dogs huh?" That was his way of introducing himself as a fellow American. He caught up with us later, asked where we were from and what the heck we were doing there. It's funny that other people that are there from the same place, can't imagine why you would be there. This guy had mixed feelings about living in Norway. He was traveling with his teenage son and thought his kid was picking up some bad habits. Apparently working at McDonalds in Norway is more lucrative than in the states and his son was aspiring to do so. I won't even quote the salary he mentioned for McDonalds workers here because he seemed mildly crazy. He disappeared soon enough. I hope the Norwegians don't think we are like that guy.

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